Choosing a Cable

Everything I do is voiced with the same goal in mind. All my cables are designed to “disappear” as much as possible without imparting any signature of their own on the signal path. To use a visual analogy, a perfect cable would be like looking through a clean window free from distortions and coloration. Yet there is no such thing as a perfect cable.


What I do is voice my cables to be various shades of grey. Balanced without emphasizing any frequencies, and making errors when necessary in ways that are friendly to the music to keep you involved with it. When the time comes to pick a cable from Evidence Audio, the better questions to ask are “What is my application?” and “What is my budget?”.

If money is no object and you won’t jump around on stage, and don’t mind a stiffer-than-average cable,  the Lyric HG is a perfect choice. The Lyric solves the most important problems caused by inferior cable designs at the point where any further budget spend on a cable will yield massively diminished returns with regard to sound quality.

You can spend a bit more for an Evidence Audio cable with the Forte however the budget provided doesn’t go towards diminishing returns with regard to sound quality. The Forte solves the same problems as the Lyric but in a way that offers flexibility and ruggedness. Touring? Move a lot on stage? Microphone for vocals? The Forte might be worth the extra price for you.

If Lyric and Forte are out of budget consider Reveal. The Reveal is probably my favorite cable just because it feels and sounds great (if not as good as Lyric/Forte), but is a tremendous value and works in any situation. The Reveal is a type of cable you plug in, instantly recognize that there is an improvement in sound quality, and forget about. It isn’t terribly expensive, it doesn’t put any noticeable weight on an instrument, and can be used for just about anything in any situation. Remember that my cables sound more alike than they do different. Shades of grey. The Reveal will sound more like the Lyric and Forte than 99% of other cables out there which ignore the negative effects of strand interaction and material quality.

If the Reveal is out of budget, the Melody will likewise sound closer to the Lyric/Forte than any other poorly designed cable and be a great introduction to hearing your music (or any instrument) they way it should sound.

The Monorail is essentially a “stripped down” version of the Melody and Reveal, and with less jacket material, can be used in very small spaces where a larger cable will not fit. Used with the SIS Screw In Solderless connectors, there is no finer solution for a cramped pedalboard. Especially one using a switcher with jacks mounted close together.

Speaker cable? That’s easy. I make one; the Siren.