The Melody: right to straight

The Melody: right to straight
2013-11-10 21.22.55

Little Brother of the Lyric HG with similar voicing at a great price.

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Product Description

The Melody is a line-level analog audio cable which can be used for instruments, studios, or hifi. The negative effects of strand interaction are reduced by using a single solid core IGL copper conductor for positive, with parallel run conductors on the ground path which provide shielding with minimal crosstalk.

The Melody is best suited for studio applications or home use. Where the cable will be used live or subject to the rigors of touring, the Reveal would be a sonic equivalent using an IGL-ECS conductor in place of the IGL solid core conductor.

By using an intelligently designed shield of IGL copper the Melody is able to offer ear-opening sound quality at a reduced price.

A 10-foot cable is $81, a 15-foot cable is $97.00 and 20-foot cable $113.

This cable is built with a right-angled connector on the input side.


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10-foot, 15-foot, 20-foot