The Source AC Power Cable

The Source AC Power Cable
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Product Description

The Source AC Power Cable is a remarkable upgrade to the power supply of any amp or component.

Solid IGL™ copper conductors replace the only stranded conductors in the power delivery system. Hot and neutral conductors are composed of four isolated cores. 100% shield coverage bleeds interference to ground.

A 5-foot cable is $259.00,  a 7-foot cable is $299.00 and 10-foot cable is $359.00

This cable is prepared with a US Wall plug to IEC Connector; both cryogenically treated.



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10-foot, 5-foot, 7-foot


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    With miles of cable and wire between the power station and ac mains outlet, how can a 6-foot power cord make a difference?

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      Great question. Truth is the miles of cable and wire between the power station and ac mains outlet are actually far superior (from an audio perspective) than the few feet between and amplifier in your room and the wall. A cheap experiment is to make an AC power cable out of Romex; the stuff run in walls. It will illustrate what a solid core AC cable sounds like for starters, and the Source AC cable builds on that with geometry, shielding and material qualities which add additional benefits. A ‘DIY’ cable with Romex from the hardware store will get you 80% of the results that a costlier Source cable I build will.

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    I use Wattgate plugs.

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