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“You’ll smile like a baby when you hear the difference of Evidence Audio cables against the others. I’m using the Monorail, Forte and Lyric HG on stage and there is no blurry sound anymore; very clear, balanced and smooth. I also replaced my amp’s speaker cable by the Siren and all the cables in my studio by the Lyric HG. I hear that my ears are thanking me every single day.” Eray...

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Alessandro Di Mauro

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“I was looking for the best about jacks and cables and I’ve found it! Evidence Audio has made my guitar sound more powerful, precise and rich of harmonics. I couldn’t ask for anything better! This is the top that every musician could desire!” Alessandro Di Mauro Pink’s...

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Alex Lofoco

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“The difference between a good sounding cable and a great sounding cable is not an opinion, it is an Evidence”...

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Joe Becker

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“Final Impressions: Another great product for retailers and musicians to invest in. This is as much a needed item for studios as the recording equipment that fills them, and as important to the live musician as their audience. Sound is important. It’s great to see there’s a company that feels the same way too.” -Joe...

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Andy Wasserman

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“It was well worth the investment. The sound I’m now getting with a studio wired by Lyric cables exhibits a supreme crystal clear, full and accurate detail across the total audio spectrum. I never would have thought that I could have achieved such a HUGE step up in sound quality with my same equipment but all new cables. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and integrity. I’m happy to say that it has made a big difference in my...

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